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Captive Insurance

Program Benefits:

  • Lower Fixed Costs – A group captive only incurs expenses related to service needs of its owners.
  • Retain Investment Income – Captive members retain investment income rather than transferring it to the carrier.
  • Insulation from Market Swings – Captive members are not subject to the volatile pricing cycles of the conventional insurance market.
  • Better Service, More Control – Group captives strategically purchase insurance coverage to manage predictable losses and transfer catastrophic expenses.


Performance based – you have control!
CUI Insurance Agency Salt Lake City Utah

Business Owners… Stop Giving Away Annual Unused Premium Dollars to The Insurance Companies

The Top 3 Reasons Money Smart Business Owners Turn to the Captive Insurance Experts at CUI Agency:

1. Greater Control Over Claims

Would you like to gain greater control over the claims process, increase cost predictability and have the opportunity to reclaim unused premium dollars? In addition, what if you could see a significant reduction in your annual premiums by controlling losses over time? That’s exactly what our Captive Insurance program can do for you.

2. Rates Are Customized For Your Business and Based Solely On Your Loss Record

Even if you have a stellar loss record, your premiums are typically based on your industry’s performance as a whole. In other words, above average losses in your industry could mean increased rates, despite your company’s individual performance. With our Captive Insurance program, your policies are customized and your rates are based on your company’s loss record alone.

3. Reclaim Unused Premium Dollars

When you pay your annual insurance premiums, there’s no R.O.I. Those precious dollars are debited from your bottom line. However, our Captive Insurance program moves you from insurance ‘Customer’ to accredited ‘Owner.’ The economic benefits once garnered by your insurance provider now become yours. Unused premium dollars set aside to cover losses are returned to you – with interest – in the form of dividends.

How to quality for participation in our captive insurance program:

Companies with a favorable loss history who also want to take control of their insurance costs are good candidates for captive insurance.

CUI Agency understands how to make alternative risk financing work for financially strong businesses with proven success in limiting claims and managing risk. The process starts with a feasibility study to determine if a captive is appropriate for your company. Once satisfied, we’ll identify which captive would be suitable for your needs.

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Captive Insurance
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